December 11, 2016

The Den Manila, Escolta

“One over zero in Math is undefined. Architecture for me is a constant looking for a definition of what style the Filipino design should be.”
- Arts Serrano

There are three things that I admire about Escolta.

First is the historic neo-classical Don Roman Santos Building.

Second is the fact that it used to be the shopping mecca of the rich and the famous many years then.

Third is The Den at The Hub. It looks modern, playful and creative – a reincarnation of the old, glory days of Manila; a cute, little industrial place to incubate ideas. And its architect barista Arts makes a great matcha latte – hot or cold.

Smoked salmon and truffle cream pasta

Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Matcha latte

And it’s a good neighbor too of the second Fred’s Revolucion.

The Den
First United Bldg., #413 Escolta St.
Tondo, Manila
Tel. No.: 960-3650
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