March 31, 2014

Ten Cents to Heaven

How much would it cost to go to heaven?

Literally, ten cents plus a hundred pesos would do.

High up in the picturesque town of Tanay, Rizal, Ten Cents to Heaven is a sprawling 30-hectare leisure camp and resort nestled atop breathtaking rolling hills and verdant mountains. It provides a good backdrop for a thrilling adventure or a romantic escape, offering a scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and Laguna de Bay.

Among some of the places near Manila that Reina and I suggested to Paul (our new foreign intern in the office) for a quick weekend get-away, Ten Cents was the one he chose, perhaps because of the natural allure of the place. And he said that it’s very rare to see mountains in his home country, The Netherlands.

Though it was really tiring commuting to this place, we were rewarded by the wonderful scenery that greeted us upon arrival.  

Registration area


The cabanas

Resting area with hanging clock vines

Obstacle course area

Wooden veranda

Pool area

Ten Cents is definitely one of those ideal places to unwind and be recharged from the polluted and busy city life. The resort also has good room accommodations and great teambuilding facilities. But the highlight of our trip was of course riding the zipline, one of the longest in Luzon.

Given Paul’s three-month stint in the country, I do hope that he could visit several more tourist attractions in the countryside so he could appreciate and experience first-hand the extraordinary beauty of the Philippines. But I guess he would agree with me that sometimes, heaven need not be that far. And it could just be in Rizal.

Ten Cents to Heaven
Sitio Mayagay II, Cayambay
Tanay, Rizal
Tel. No.: 542-2087, 0999-9770026
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