December 8, 2016

Porta Verde Resort

All this mayhem and I’d still walk with through you.

Porta Verde is an Italian term for green door, a fitting name for a place that appears to be a gateway to breathtaking greeneries and nature. 

A former private rest house of the Imperials from Bicol, Porta Verde is a lovely, stunning resort situated on a verdant undulating hill, fronting a placid lake. It is one of the few beautiful hideaways of Cavinti, Laguna, about 3-4 hours away from Manila. Its setting is quite peaceful and romantic, truly a portal to ultimate relaxation, that perhaps no one who ever entered would ever want to leave. 

Another long weekend and a happy summer-like weather brought me to this quiet and serene place.

The reception area is usually manned by the trusted caretaker of the family, Ate Jenneth who is very warm and welcoming to the guests.

Porta Verde consists of a main house, two villas and three cabanas – a showcase of Filipino and Spanish-inspired architecture with hint of vibrant Mexican colors and little touches of Balinese and Thai elements. From afar, these bright and colorful accommodations named after trees and fruits enhance the over-all scenery of the estate, making it whimsical and flamboyant. 

The imposing two-storey yellow main house is divided into two suites - the Duhat Lanai and Catmon Terrazo. Good for big groups, each suite is equipped with several beds, private bath and kitchenette. Perched on the most elevated area, it has a panoramic and commanding view of the lake and the resort ground.

Two Rambutan Villas, also painted bright yellow, are ideally situated near the lake. Equipped with the same amenities as the main house, they are perfect for small families. They have glass doors and windows which give guests a spectacular view of the lush surroundings even when inside the villas.

Three honeymoon suites in pink named Pili, Marang and Durian are designed for couples. Though devoid of a kitchenette, guests staying at this suite can use the kitchen of the resort.

The resort has no in-house restaurant. I like that since it provided an opportunity for me to practice my cooking skills. I cooked tinolang manok with sayote, seasoned with lots of garlic and turmeric. 

There are various amenities within the resort and different activities for all ages. There’s a children’s playground, billiard hall, and mini-library. 

There are animals one could pet or ride. I tell you, a cute puppy is a secret antidote to life’s sorrows.  

One of the most exciting things to do is swim and get a nice tan under the sun. The resort has a swimming pool, baby pool and Jacuzzi. The poolside tropical gazebos are the perfect spot to lounge or read a Sidney Sheldon or Danielle Steele from the resort’s wonderful book collection. 

But the most daring activity is perhaps to explore the man-made Lumot Lake thru kayak. The lake looks picturesque especially when it is so still that it mirrors almost perfectly the nearby trees, sky and clouds. If only I were filthy rich, I’d definitely have brought my own yacht and try lakeside fishing for tilapia and bass, which are abundant in the area.

Nearby attractions include the bigger and more famous Caliraya Lake and its Water Reservoir landmark, and the favorite picnic ground and date place, the Japanese Garden. 

The beautiful dawn and dusk are the bonus views that complete the unforgettable Porta Verde experience. 

Somehow, they remind me of Caitlyn’s moving poem – “You are not a reflection of the people who can’t love you. You will love again. You will be loved again.”

Porta Verde  
Lumban - Caliraya - Cavinti Rd.
Cavinti, Laguna
Tel. No.: 0932-6872271
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