September 3, 2009

Palawan: The Last Frontier

Who is Puerto Princesa?

Legends attribute it to the appearance at certain time of the year of a princess with a rare beauty who would roam around the bay at night.

Others insist the name was derived from the geographic value of the place as a port, being naturally protected by inclement of weather all year round and sufficient in depth to allow ships of all sizes to anchor. It is truly a “Princess of Ports”, or in Spanish “Puerto Princesa”.

History however, signifies that the name was given in honor of Princess Eulalia of Spain who was born to the reigning monarch, Queen Isabella II and her consort, Dr. Francisco de Asis.

But the one I like best was the story about a princess who died waiting in the port for the Spanish soldier she ever loved.

Puerto Princesa is considered as the largest city in the country in terms of political territory.