December 12, 2016

Residencia del Hamor

I was enamored with the majestic beauty of Mt. Bulusan the first time I set foot in Sorsogon many years back. Its panoramic, undulating view is almost perfect from Lake Bulusan and Irosin. My latest return to the province got me reacquainted with the beautiful mountain and active volcano, only this time from the other side – in Inlagadian, Casiguran, particularly from Residencia del Hamor.

Owned by a prominent political family in Bicol (Sorsogon Vice Governor Esther Hamor and Casiguran Mayor Edwin Hamor), Hacienda del Hamor is a stunning, picturesque 19-hectare mountain resort surrounded by a virgin forest, lush vegetation, and a rocky river, ideally situated on the foothills of Mt. Bulusan. Definitely, it is one of the new hidden gems of Sorsogon, recently opened in 2015; still a secret paradise, perfect to unwind, relax and be one with nature.

The resort is a bit far from the highway traversing Sorsogon City and Juban main road. I love this kind of seclusion.

After almost 15 hours of land travel from Manila, I was in awe upon entering the premises of the resort. The place is green and verdant, exquisitely landscaped, and looks refreshing to the eyes - almost like the playground for the Gods. I was already invigorated despite lack of decent sleep. Golf cars are available to take guests anywhere within the sprawling resort.

There are four types of villas to choose from when staying overnight – Standard, Deluxe, Duplex and Dormitory. The bahay kubo-inspired villas are very spacious and could accommodate 4-6 persons. They look very rustic but equipped with modern amenities, some even with pools. The roof structure is made of tiklad or nipa, the main and day beds of rattan, and the flooring and walls of hard wood. It also has wide glass windows, allowing natural light to come in.

Their-in house restaurant boasts of traditional Bicolano cuisine. I love spicy food, and thus enjoyed every spoonful of Bicol express pasta and tinutungang manok.

The clubhouse serves as a venue for intimate parties and gatherings.

While Residencia is an amazing staycation place with very warm and hospitable staff, there are still several recreational activities to do within the resort – river walk, ATV ride, horseback riding, among others.

But the best man-made attraction of the resort are its two gorgeous infinity pools, overlooking Sorsogon Bay. When the clouds and the sky reflect on the still, sparkling waters coming directly from Mt. Bulusan, I was lost for words. And I didn’t let the chance pass by to take a dip. It was so therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Waking up at daybreak the next morning, seeing the clouds changing colors and gently touching Mt. Bulusan, I felt happy and sad.    

And if each memory has a soundtrack of its own, my Residencia memory would be “The winds of change are blowing wild and free. But you haven't seen nothing like me...”

How to get to Residencia and tips:
1. From Manila, ride a bus bound for Legazpi City (bus terminals could be found in Cubao, Pasay and Ermita) and get off at Legazpi bus terminal. Travel time usually takes 12 hours (Alternatively, it would be faster to take a plane from Manila to Legazpi). 
2. From the bus terminal, ride a bus or van going to Bulan, tell the driver to drop you off at Adovis Brgy. Hall in Casiguran. Travel time is usually two hours (If you take the bus or van just bound for Sorsogon City, get off at Chowking Sorsogon, and from there ride a jeep going to Juban; tell the driver to drop you off in Adovis).
3. From Adovis, rent a tricyle going to the resort. Fare is P150 one way good for 4 pax.
4. From Manila, there are also buses directly going to Bulan; just ask the driver to drop you off in Adovis and from there, rent a tricycle going to the resort.
Residencia del Hamor
Inlagadian, Casiguran, Sorsogon
Tel. Nos.: 0921-7454140, 0906-3619592
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