December 18, 2007

Punta de Fabian

Quaint and charming Punta de Fabian sits like a queen on the mountaintop in the heart of Baras, Rizal, a 1½ hour drive away from Manila. Decorated in Filipino-zen style, the 3-hectare resort, overlooking Laguna de Bay and Sierra Madre mountains, offers a wide selection of recreational and sports facilities, including function and guest rooms (honeymoon suite, family loft, or dormitory-type), restaurant, ball court, swimming pools, jacuzzi, campsite and garden.

I wasn’t told though, by the reservation officer that we need to hike (that long) and traverse the serpentine uphill road from the entrance to the main resort. From the time we reached the top, we were already dog-panting and hungry.

But it was all worth it. The staff were friendly and courteous, the place may be small yet it has that certain invigorating appeal. But what makes this place truly remarkable is the story behind its establishment. Used to be a family vacation house, its owner Teresita Fabian-Pamintuan, opened the resort to the public in 2003 after successfully winning her long battle over cancer. The place might have played a part in her recuperation that’s why she decided to share the place to other people so too they could enjoy and experience the magic and serenity of the place.

In a busy, polluted Manila, Punta de Fabian is like a breath of the freshest air.

Punta de Fabian Resort
Manila East Road, Brgy. Evangelista,
Baras, Rizal
Tel. No.: 653-1966, 

December 6, 2007

2007 World Light Expo Philippines

When the light disappears, our true colors shine.

The “2007 World Light Expo Philippines” showcased the colorful and magnificent display of bright and aesthetically organized lights in Roxas Boulevard and Coastal Road Junction in ParaƱaque City. It was a 70-day event held for the benefit of the blind and homeless children of Pangarap ng Lupa Foundation. The light show was an eye-candy but expect that when the wind blows, dust will get in your eyes.