December 12, 2017

Grub Hub, Quezon City

Look for someone who will love your soul more than your body.

But first, eat good food that will nourish your body. Great selection is awaiting at Grub Hub.

Cocktails of Grub Hub Bar

Dragon sushi of Aji Sushi

Bacon fried like chicken of Yzzy Eats 

 Gamberetti of Cafe Fratello

Grablets crablets of Papa Beer

Greed of Wicked Kitchen

With their recycled old tires made as seats, wood tables with feline artworks, creative drum lights and colourful lantern balls, kinky murals, greenhouse restaurant, and Hobbit hall-inspired food stalls, Grub Hub is one of the most aesthetically charming food parks in Quezon City area.

Grub Hub
#47 Visayas Ave.
Quezon City

December 5, 2017

Malangaan Cave and Spring, Bulacan

The truth is not scary. According to a modern-day psychologist who have worked with pathological liars, there are 6 main reasons why people lie and I think many could relate with one of the causes - they don’t want to disappoint especially the people they love.

What I remember the most from our recent hiking and spelunking in Malangaan in San Rafael, Bulacan (aside from the beautiful caves) was our tour guide kids, who made our trip quite memorable since one of them is good in telling white lies.

It took us more than two hours from Manila, in reaching Malangaan via bus, jeepney and tricycle commute. Malangaan is known for its caves which according to locals were once used as hiding place of guerrillas during World War II and Huks in 1950s and 60s. Since it is near the city and because of its natural spring attraction, the place is often jam-packed on weekend.

We hired two guide kids to accompany us in exploring the caves. We fondly called them Janno and Mane, taken from a once popular love team before the time of Kathniel, Jadine and Lizquen. They are classmates and close friends.
They took us inside the caves. Good thing that we brought our own flashlight. We also had to crawl in some areas with really narrow passage.

The caves boast of wonderful stalactites and stalagmites. Medyo nakakainis lang na marami pa rin ang nag va-vandal, tainting the natural beauty of the cave and rock formations.  

We finished spelunking after almost two hours. After getting out of the cave, we passed by a house surrounded with aratilis trees. Kahit wala ang may-ari, we couldn’t help but gave in to the temptation of those red, luscious small fruit. Aratilis reminds me so much of my childhood kasi ito ang paborito kong inaakyat na puno noon.

Then we had lunch and rested in one of the kubos near the spring.

Our next activity would be hill/rock climbing. But this time Janno already begged off from joining. Mag papabinyag daw sya sa kalapit bayan. At first we didn’t buy his excuse. So he finally confessed that he has a congenital heart disease and he is forbidden to do strenuous activity like climbing a hill. Our hearts went out to him.

So for the second part of our trip, Janno was replaced by his little sister. The sister is also super-close to Mane.

The hill that we climbed is less than an hour, easy trek. The summit is mainly a large boulder.  It overlooks the river and the neighboring municipalities. 

We had the summit to ourselves until a large group arrived. That was our cue to get down.

When we reached the jump-off point, we saw Janno again. Mukhang hindi naman sya nagpabinyag. In fact, he looks like he was enjoying his siesta while sipping Coke. We also learned from his sister that he is well and very healthy. We confronted him. “You know kid, you may have your reasons, but saying a lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies. Don’t get used doing it.” Kidding, napatawad naman namin ang bata.

From Manila, take a Baliuag or Cabanatuan-bound bus (bus stations in Cubao) and get off in Baliuag. Take a jeepney going to Pulo, San Rafael. In Pulo, hire a tricyle going to Malangaan. There’s no fixed rate for guides, but give the kids what they deserve. 

December 1, 2017

Wagging Tails Café, Maginhawa

But some creatures just capture your heart, even without trying.

More than a dozen wagging tails and floppy tongues made my day unforgettable. But it was Pao the French pitbull that made quite an impression.

Oh this place is worth a visit or two. Because this is the only dog café that I know of whose main star is a pot-bellied pig. You’ll love that Babe too.

Wagging Tails Café
#120 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village
Quezon City
Tel. No.: 0995-2066511