June 6, 2012


In Japan, I could easily get lost in translation the way I got lost in the subway train a few times. I only know a handful of Nihongo like moshi-moshi, arigato gozaimasu, and hai, words I could easily count with my fingers hehe. But I guess two of the most important words I learned were tatemae or the presentation of your public self and hone, how you really feel. I heard my kababayans’ stories, they all look very happy, but I can sense there’s always pain behind their smile.

Daibutsu Kamakura

Cityscape from Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Disneyland



Tokyo National Art Center

Kamakura temple

Kamakura beach

Rickshaw ride

Kyoto Tower

Hakone Ropeway

Hakone sulfur mining

Ashi Lake

Nara Deer Park

Nagoya Science Museum

Mochi cream


Japan, please be good to my fellow Filipinos.
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