October 14, 2016

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

I cat love you like that…

I think Bengal is the most beautiful cat breed in the world… especially servals because they look like mini leopards. They may appear to be wild and ferocious but they are actually gentle and playful creatures. They are not as omnipresent as the pusakals in the streets of Manila. Thankfully, film and TV director Don Michael Perez opened Bengal Brew, the first Bengal Cat CafĂ© in the Philippines. Now, any cat-lover can meet nose to nose these gorgeous exotic felines in a mock rainforest setting. 

Their P399 entrance fee covers two hour session with the cats and a merienda (1 drink and 1dessert). I had banoffee pie partnered with chocolate truffles frappe.

While I originally intend to see the cats, the big surprise awaiting me that day were actually the dogs. Yup, Bengal Brew has recently expanded. The cats have new housemates that include malamute, Siberian husky, beagle, terrier, pomeranian and Japanese akita (for those who love Hachiko!). Sari the Alaskan malamute is the friendliest while the Chiko the akita is extremely shy.

But still, the stars of the house are Lucas and Gabriel, the African servals. They are quite big, adorable and a little snobbish (para silang mga artistang hinahabol ng fans); perhaps they are living their aristocratic nature. And they stood out among the more than a dozen Bengal cats of the cafe.

I had a wonderful time interacting with the domesticated animals.  Two hours wasn’t enough. But what made the experience extra special was when out of nowhere, a Bengal cat jumped on my lap, curled up, wanting to be petted. She was so innocently sweet, I never wanted to leave her. And on that very moment, I felt that connection… strong and undeniable.

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear
G/F Manhattan Parkview, Gen. Malvar Ave.
Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 366-8287
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