December 19, 2014

The Manor at Camp John Hay

You might think I don’t care with what you’re going through. But I do. It’s just that sometimes, I feel like my life is controlled by what is and not what I want.

If only the truth is as easy telling you like Baguio on the average is eight degrees cooler than any places in the lowland or that the Manor is undoubtedly the quintessential recreation destination in the city of Pines, perhaps you’ve already heard it from me right from the start.

Pres. Manuel Quezon guarding the Manor

Feel the log cabin warmth of the Piano Bar by the open fireplace

Deluxe room with garden view

Do you know the Manor has a secret Jacuzzi?

The spa

Children's playroom

Le Chef

Warm bread

Seafood pasta

Grilled salmon


Fresh luscious strawberries

The enchanted garden

The tip of Manor's totem pole of bravery

Bell House

The Lost Cemetery

Bell amphitheather

A cold, foggy morning

I can’t expect to smell the sweet scent of pine trees or taste fresh strawberries everyday, but I’m certain it’s best to fight for things worth keeping. And I would be lying if I tell you that everything never mattered.

The Manor at Camp John Hay
Loakan Rd., Baguio City
Tel. No.: 687-6710, (074) 424-0931 to 43
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