December 5, 2012

14 Four Café and Sticks Design

If pain shows up in our lives to remind us that something needs to change, I learned that happiness too appears for a reason. Well, there may be different reasons but I’m certain it is not just to cover up our pains. All I know is happiness must be shared so others could feel it too.

Located in a quiet neighborhood somewhere in Taytay, Rizal, the 14 Four Café (named after the house no. which is 144) and the Stick Designs are beautiful dreams realized by a daughter and father duo who (maybe unknowingly) have brought so much happiness to their diners. I noticed how everyone smiled as if finding a long lost friend, the moment they entered the place. The café and custom-made furniture showroom are such visual delights, that I consider this food hunt adventure my “high” for this week.

Banana smoothies

Cinnamon bun pancakes

Chorizo pasta

Osso bucco

Strawberry macaroons

I could extensively write a long post about this one – from the delicious cinnamon pancakes I devoured, the stylish couches and chairs that suits different personalities (this place is such a couch wonderland!), the fun-looking and elegant lamps and overhead lights, the big bad bed inviting me to sleep, the inspirational and amusing food quotes handwritten on the glass windows which I enjoyed reading while having my dessert, the trees and garden which give shade and cool air, the comfort room graffiti which I find the most artistic from all the places I’ve been to, to the disarray and harmony of all the furniture and colors that make every nook, every corner, every piece alive and vibrant.
But really, all I wanted to say could be sum up in two words. Thank you - to the people behind this place, and to those I met and been with that day. They certainly made me happy.

14 Four Cafe and Sticks Design
144 Magnolia Lane, Gregoria Heights Subdivision
Bgy San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal
Tel. No.: 0999-8880144
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