April 9, 2012

San Narciso: Bondoc Peninsula’s little gem

“Let your tears come.
Let them water your soul.”
- Eileen Mayhew

Sabit Beach

San Narciso Church

Centurions at Talisay Beach

San Narciso Lighthouse

Napinto Cave

Caghaligue Beach

Calwit Beach

with Tita Nora

There are places that become memorable not only because they are breathtaking or beautiful. There are places that you will never forget simply because in some ways, it has changed you. San Narciso, a sleepy but enchanting town in the less traveled part of Quezon, is such one place. Named after Governor General Narciso Claveria who visited in 1846 and helped establish the place, San Narciso boasts of its long-tradition of senakulo enacted every Holy Week, friendly locals who make you feel at home, and natural beauty that could make your heart smile again.

How to get to San Narciso and tips:
1. Superline buses in Cubao have daily trips to San Narciso. Another option would be to go to Lucena and take another mini bus bound for San Narciso. Travel time usually takes 7-8 hours.
2. Mostly all the beaches in San Narciso are accessible by tricycle except Napinto Cave which can be reached via a motorized banca, which you can hire by or near the pier. Cost for the roundtrip boat ride is P700 good for 4 pax and P1,000 for 10 pax.
3. There are no hotels in San Narciso, but you can stay at Friend’s Diner at a very affordable price; you may contact Tita Nora at 0928-3120640. The three beach resorts in Calwit, Talisay and Sabit have only open cottages.

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