January 24, 2012

Abe’s Farm

Once upon a time in a not so far away town of Magalang, a boy first saw the light of day and the majestic beauty of Mt. Arayat. He would become the famed writer, artist and bon vivant Emilio Aguilar Cruz, more popularly known as Abe, a Kapampangan term for a friend.

This is his four-hectare country home farm, a repository of his artworks and memorabilia, a gourmet’s haven and a place so peaceful and verdant it feels like coming home to an old friend.

E. Aguilar Cruz Museum

Arobung kamaru

Binukadkad na pla-pla with balo-balo and mustasa

Claude's dream and Sikreto ni Maria

Abe’s Farm
98 Livestock Village, Brgy. Ayala
Magalang, Pampanga
Tel. No.: 0917-8085187
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