October 18, 2009

Ciudad Real de Acuzar

There was Intramuros.
There was Vigan.
And now, Ciudad Real de Acuzar.

On the shores of Bagac, Bataan, lies a quaint and lovely Spanish colonial village called Ciudad Real de Acuzar.

The village is composed of several ancestral houses, heritage homes and bahay na bato, which the owner Gerry Acuzar acquired all over the Philippines, and reconstructed to its original structure and grandeur. The houses aren’t replicas but the original structures, painstakingly built, brick by brick, plank by plank, tile by tile.

Among the famous houses include Taberna del Señor Pepe with beautiful interior murals, Escolta Hotel adorned with sculptures of Greek women garbed in flowing robes, homes of the Novicios and Equivels, and the imposing University of the Philippines’ first Fine Arts school building.
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