November 6, 2009


Off the coast of San Vicente, in Sta. Ana, Cagayan Province is the rugged, beautiful island of Palaui. It is accessible via 11-hour bus ride away from Manila and less than an hour boat ride from San Vicente Port. It boasts of white sand beaches, hills, and Cape Engano Lighthouse, an old lighthouse which is as mysterious as it is gorgeous.

I gazed at the lush mountains as the wind softly teases. I marveled at the beauty of the deep blue sea, as waves crash violently against jagged rocks. Time stood still, as my feet dangle over God’s sweet panoramic creation.

I could easily get lost in the crowd, but have I told you that I would rather get lost in the midst of a beautiful uncertainty? And yes I love it… because even in the farthest of horizon, I don’t see any crowd.
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