June 9, 2016

White Beachfront and Cottages, Hinugtan Beach

“You can fall in love and live a lifetime in just a moment.”
- Anonymous

In the northernmost tip of Aklan, about two hours away from my hometown Kalibo is a zen zone of sparkling white sand, crystal clear waters and virgin coast, that can surely captivate a heart. It is known as Hinugtan, one of the few remaining unspoiled natural wonders of Buruanga.

Since I wanted a beach all to myself, I decided to explore this neighboring beach of Boracay. I rented a habal-habal from Caticlan going to Alegria Port of Buruanga and from there asked a local boatman to take me to Hinugtan. Boat ride is less than 10 minutes.        

The moment I stepped on the sand, I know I was in paradise.

I saw few beachfront resorts but one of the best places to stay and spend a night or two in this secluded beach is the White Beachfront Cottages, a tropical resort with a large beach cabana, three native cottages, and a holiday house perched on a hill and overlooking the Cuyo East Pass of the Sulu Sea. Guests are also allowed to cook their own favorite seafood, or simply let Ate Aileen, the friendly and kind caretaker, do the job.

What makes the place endearing is that it is still below the radar of tourists. It is also nearby other wonderful natural attractions such as Batason Point, Tuburan Baybay and Nag-Asog White Beach. I hope the place stays just the way it is, and won’t turn into a mini-Boracay someday soon.

Hinugtan is a secret playground to detoxify, a sanctuary to meditate, and a perfect background to immerse in the world of R.H. Sin, who penned this beautiful poetry “Sometimes your soulmate is yourself. Sometimes you have to be the love of your life until you discover that type of love in someone else.” 

White Beachfront and Cottages
Hinugtan Beach, Brgy. Bel-is
Buruanga, Aklan
Tel. No.: 0995-2324562
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