May 13, 2016

Misibis Bay: Bicol’s Luxury Island Playground

A tropical Eden on Cagraray Island facing the Pacific Ocean. That’s how Small Luxury Hotels of the World Group describes Misibis Bay, and I couldn’t agree more. As of 2016, Misibis, a five-hectare, five-star island resort, is one of the three small, independent resorts in the Philippines that belong to the roster of the elite and prestigious SLH. Being a member of the SLH ensures that the resort is simply world-class.

I think my Misibis summer get-away with my colleagues is our historic first personal out-of-town trip where we didn’t bring any tents, butanes or cooking oil. Our destination this time is a little extravagant than the public beaches that we usually go to. In short, lumelevel-up na pinupuntahan namin. Thanks to the Cebu Pacific incident that happened last December (while we were in Boracay for our planning activity), we were able to get free one-way ticket that we used for this trip.

Located just off the eastern coast of Albay in Cagraray, Misibis is about an hour drive-away by private van from the airport or city proper of Legazpi, passing by breathtaking mountain scenery and overlooking beautiful small islands and islets of Albay.

Registration area

We were welcomed with a refreshing buko pandan juice upon arrival, and immediately ushered in to our room thru their golf cart. They call this an express-check in, where guests don’t have to go anymore to the reception area to queue and register (plus points for that). 

the new Ritz Azul, Yumi, Cindy, Jo, Nico

We passed by some of the poolside Asian-inspired villas.

We stayed in two adjoined Garden View rooms, equipped with twin beds that have 300 thread-count fluffy pillow sheets and duvets, day bed, air-conditioning, refrigerated private bar, coffee makers, and private bath and shower. The room is screaming orange. We have unlimited access to wifi, cable TV, and mini pool. We were beyond happy.

Zac Efron by the way, stayed in the most expensive beachfront Luxury Villa no. 12 in 2012. The villa has its own private plunge pool and overlooks the beach.

We spent most of our leisure time, swimming, since there are numerous pools scattered around the resort.
Infinity pool

Lagoon pool

There are several amenities and services within the resort that children, laid-back, and thrill-seekers could enjoy. 


Fitness center

Outdoor playground

Pit balls


We availed of the sumptuous buffet lunch at the Spice Restaurant. Their food selection is extensive, though I was hoping there are more seafood and native Bicolano spicy dishes like Bicol express or laing. But nonetheless, they all taste great. As a testament, we stayed for more than two hours just eating and plating the food.
Beef nachos

Shrimps with steamed vegetables

Roast beef

Strawberry cheesecake

My DIY pancakes

Wide selection of spirits from Sula Bar

The main attractions near Misibis are the hilltop and the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park. The park boasts of a stunning glass chapel, hanging bridge, zipline, public pool, and the famous pitstop of Amazing Race Asia 4 - the ancient Greek-inspired Amphitheater, which offers an unobstructed view of the Albay Gulf and the Pacific.

Misibis has its own kilometer-long private white-sand beach. I appreciated it that the resort put wave breakers, so the beach looks placid. Though the white sand looks imported, we still enjoyed swimming, picture-taking (some buwis-buhay), dusk watching, and salivate after rich people who can afford Hobie Cat sailing (maybe we could try next time, if there is still next time).

And before we left (thoroughly relaxed and satisfied with our luxurious Misibis experience), I was surprised and happy to find a paperback of Jojo Moyes beautifully heartbreaking Me Before You lying on one of the beach lounge chairs. I almost picked it up. I know it’s not in the book but I still get melancholic whenever I hear Will’s haunting line in the movie adaptation when he refused to accept the love of the woman who showed him how to live again - “I don’t want you to miss other things that someone else could give you.” The moment would have been more dramatic if rain started to fall or something.
Misibis Bay
Cagraray, Bacacay, Albay
Tel. Nos.: 0917-5991606, 0921-4873869
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