November 11, 2015

Punta Bulata and Danjugan Island

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
- Bob Ross

It freaked me out the moment I found out that I booked a wrong flight somewhere in Visayas. But as they say, not all mistakes are bad. Some could even lead to new and exhilarating discoveries. So instead of cancelling the trip, I decided to push thru and ended up in one of the few remaining paradises of Negros Occidental - Cauayan.

A four-hour bus-ride away from Bacolod City, Cauyan is home to two famous leisure and adventure spots – Punta Bulata Beach Resort and Spa and Danjugan Island.

For those seeking a little solitude with an amazing view of nature, Punta Bulata is the perfect place to be. Being far from the city, surrounded with flowers and trees, and with access to a kilometer-stretch of white sand beach, it could be everybody’s dream vacation place.

Upon seeing the infinity pool and the calm sea is enough for me to compensate for the long travel. The ambiance was so relaxing that I could just swing forever under the leaning coconut tree.

There are horses roaming around the property. But they are not that tamed, especially the little one.

Accommodation in Punta Bulata ranges from rustic native Filipino nipa-hut cottages, mud houses, beachfront villas, to comforting spa rooms.

The scenic view around the resort is best complemented with good food from the resort’s restaurant. I really enjoyed the seafood and the fresh fruit shake.

When staying at Punta Bulata, it is a must to visit the nearby island of Danjugan.

The island, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, is a protected marine and wildlife sanctuary with white sand beaches, lagoons and limestone forests providing asylum to many wildlife species. It used to be a threatened and over-fished area but thanks to the efforts of The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, it now serves as an outdoor classroom for students, research area for conservationists, and haven for travelers eager to experience nature at its purest.

A day isn’t enough to do several activities in the island like trekking, kayaking, spelunking and bat-hunting, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters and lagoons.

But what I found most enjoyable was snorkeling. With over 800 fish and hard coral species, the underwater kingdom of Danjugan is such a beauty to behold.

There are eco-cabanas and dormitory for those who want to stay overnight or longer.

Back to Punta Bulata, a day never ends without another mesmerizing beauty ephemerally showing up. 

And even if I don’t make $25,000 a year, who says I can’t be happy. 

Punta Bulata Resort and Spa
Brgy. Elihan, Cauayan
Negros Occidental
Tel. No.: (034) 433-5160, (034) 473-0235
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