July 27, 2015

Satinka Naturals Bistro and Café

When life gives you lemons, add honey and cucumber and make a refreshing citrus cooler. And when supplies run out, well you could just get one from Satinka.

An indie-sort of but homey chill-out place at the corner of Chino Roces and Kamagong in Makati, Satinka is an eponymous restaurant and shop that offers delectable organic meals and natural home care products. It is owned by Igorot entrepreneur Satinka Felipe, who hailed from Kalinga, and whose name was a condensed “Sa atin ka”. I guess she was named so by her parents so she’ll never forget that she belongs to a certain tribe and culture up North.

And true enough to its name, the moment I entered Satinka, I feel I belong.

Chicken garden salad

Vegetarian mountain Aubergine pasta

Parmesan béchamel sauce

Greek platter

Vegan tiramisu

Lemon cucumber cooler

Being in Satinka is vicariously experiencing the simple but rich Kalinga mountain life and culture – from its wooden interiors, fresh and local produce from the mountains of Cordillera, apothecary corner, GMO and MSG-free dishes which unbelievably tastes so good, to the wonderful dining experience of sitting down on the floor or relaxing on a native mat. It almost feels like keeping close to an artist’s and nature’s heart.

Keep tasting other cultures because the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of the people, their traditions and food.

Satinka Naturals Bistro and Café
#1137 Kamagong St. cor. Chino Roces Ave.
San Antonio Village, Makati
Tel. No.: 0927-7619799 
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