May 14, 2015

Stonehouse Gardens Resort

A summer get-away doesn’t always have to be the beach. There are some alternative places to enjoy one of the most anticipated times of the year. Have you heard of the Stonehouse Gardens?

A small but charming vacation home converted into a garden resort, Stonehouse is perhaps the perfect place to chill and beat the summer heat when in Naga. It is located at the foot of Mt. Isarog, a little less than half-hour jeepney and habal-habal-rides away from the city proper.

It is recommended to book in advance when visiting the resort. There is limited number of people that can be accommodated every day. And normally, no one gets pass the gate unless he or she made prior reservation, or if the resort is already fully booked.

The cabana or the main resort area looks picturesque especially with its beautiful mountain backdrop. And its semi aquarium infinity pool where the clouds reflect on a clear sunny day, really looks inviting.

Guests staying overnight may opt to stay in their Mediterranean-inspired villas (they’re not that fancy), in bahay kubo or in tents.

The food served in the resort is decent. And what really stood out was the flavorful herb rice of Ms. Aleta. I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life.

I love the serenity and lushness of the place. Grasses, trees, and flowers abound ensuring the freshness of air every one breathes and the coolness of surroundings. At certain angle, the view of the garden gives a visual illusion that it extends as far as the eyes can see. It also overlooks the calm San Miguel Bay.

The resort also serves as a natural habitat of butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, and the owners’ cute and tamed puppies.

Just a few minutes away by foot or habal-habal ride from the resort are the Panicuason Hot Springs and Malabsay Falls. The latter is located within Mt. Isarog National Park, the last protected rainforest in Bicol region.

After visiting nearby attractions, it is still best to end the day by sunset-watching in the resort. Just by looking at the vast and immense beauty of the world makes me want to take so many chances and live my life to the fullest because I will only get to live it once.

But sometimes, I still pray my life would be as placid and problem-free like my Stonehouse experience. But then again where’s the challenge in that?   

Stonehouse Gardens Resort
Zone 5, Brgy. Panicuason
Naga City, Camarines Sur
Tel. No.: 0908-4501932, 0928-3052050
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