April 26, 2015

Silanguin Cove

There are so many things I want to do but I don’t have enough time.” This is the typical work-life balance complaint we often hear. But what if the answer to this problem is not to do more? What if the answer is simply to want less and more basic? Something like spending a summer night or two in Silanguin, where life is simpler and the waves gentler.

Silanguin is the farthest, largest, and the least crowded among the coves and secluded beaches in San Antonio, Zambales. With its reddish mountain backdrop and crystal-clear calm waters, it is a picture- perfect hide-away to slouch in a hammock and read a good book, commune with nature, enjoy quality time with family and friends, or just do nothing.

And I must agree with Mark Manson on his take about work-life balance: “What if the solution is simply accepting our bounded potential, our unfortunate tendency as humans to inhabit only one place in space and time? What if we recognize our life’s inevitable limitations and then prioritize what we care about based on those limitations? What if it’s as simple as stating, ‘This is what I choose to value more than everything else,’ and then living with it?

Puerto Silanguin
San Antonio, Zambales
Tel. No.: 0949-1663103
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