July 11, 2014

Wilson’s Place: When Colors Speak Louder than Words

Some days may be darker than others. But a bright one may be just hiding in the corner. Like Wilson’s Place.  It seems like a ray of sunshine in this quiet town of Indang, Cavite.

A fairly new bed and breakfast place, Wilson’s is the younger but modern sibling of Balai Indang. If you’ve been to Balai, you know what I meant.  But Just like Balai, there is so much to love about Wilson’s.

I adore the interplay of vibrant colors and mismatched objects inside Wilson’s. They are quirky, whimsical and so anti-Zen. I particularly like the vintage travel luggage and wooden treasure trove, which remind me of wanderlust and feeling at home at the same time. If you’re feeling blue, Wilson’s will definitely paint you an animated color. 

The rooms are also uniquely designed and are patterned after different bright colors. They look so pleasing to the eyes.

Aqua Room

Violet Room

Lemon Room

Lime Room

But what truly makes the stay very memorable at Wilson’s is the dinner feast lovingly prepared by Ms. Marge. It’s the kind of dinner where you momentarily forget the drama in Westeros or Starling City. I tell you, each and every dish tastes so good that even though I was already full, I still craved for more.  

Hot tea

Toasted bread w/ sardines pate

Hot potato soup

Chicken Caesar salad

Pasta in oil with fish tenders

Shrimp balls with cereals and wasabi

Chicken cordon bleu

Vanilla ice cream

If the interiors of Wilson’s are flamboyant, its outdoor area on the other is more toned down; nonetheless it still looks elegant. The pool garden is filled with bronze sculptures of animals and children sitting on the bench, reading a book. It would be nice rereading Deborah Smith’s A Place to Call Home, together with the children.   

In general, I love the serenity and loudness of Wilson’s. It tickles the senses; it recharges the soul. Somehow it conveys that even if hope is faint, it’s still there. That even in our darkest moment, a rainbow could still appear in our sky.

Wilson's Place
Maglabe Dr., Indang, Cavite
Tel. No.: 0917-8665825, 0922-8482842
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