April 6, 2014

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort

I believe a balanced and happy life with an undisturbed mind helps create a peaceful world. And I discovered that such state could exist even if not on land.

I’m grateful to have found Aiyanar, which showed me that some of the most wonderful things I can experience in this life are really the mysterious and those that are lying just underneath the surface.

Named after a Tamil village deity of South India, Aiyanar is a seaside boutique and dive resort in Mabini, Batangas, I think worthy of worship from pro divers and those simply looking for an R&R. It was opened only in 2012, with excellent facilities matched by friendly staff service.

A brief survey of this small yet intimate and beautifully landscaped resort hints of warmth and elegance. The architectural design of the Club House (composed of the sun deck lounge, dining area and dive shop) is spacious, stylish and naturally well-ventilated, allowing guests to savor the fresh sea breeze. Even the stairs seem to be patterned after a pyramid. From the dining hall and the lounge area, guests are treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea.

Built on a gradually downward slope, are sixteen gorgeous rooms spread over two floors, each with its own balcony, also overlooking the sea. They are well-equipped with all the amenities one would expect from a modern hotel, providing an inviting atmosphere for that well-deserved rest. De luxe rooms have two queen-size beds that could accommodate up to four persons.

There is a spa and wellness center to help guests relax their tired body and clear their cluttered mind. There’s one thing though that somehow bothered me but it’s just trivial - finding religious statues that are not related to Aiyanar. Hehe forgive me.

I think the mandatory full board meals that overnight guests should avail, is what makes staying in the resort a bit expensive. But with the decent serving and sumptuous food selection buffet-style, then I guess diners get more from what they are paying. And based on their menu, it is way cheaper to avail of the buffet than to order ala-carte.

At the heart of the resort is the infinity pool, the best spot to chill and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. It is a two-sided pool with one side having a depth of 15 feet, serving as a training pool for newbie divers.

To complete the Aiyanar experience, it is a must to meet and greet the rich marine life and vibrant shallow coral reefs, just a few meters away from the resort’s shoreline. For whatever the beach lacks, the underwater scene will definitely compensate. After all, Anilao (and its neighboring barangays which include Bagalangit) is one of the best diving spots in the country. And its crystal-clear blue and turquoise waters are just too tempting to resist.

Moments I spend underwater are moments where I feel not only awe but also a sense of peace, momentarily taking away all my predicaments and fears. And the chance of meeting marine creatures makes me appreciate more the diversity and beauty of life. The voice of the sea, which is a comfortable silence, really speaks to the soul.

To cap off the day, what more could beat watching the Anilao sunset against the ocean's vast expanse? And it’s always mother nature’s free spectacle.

I know I cannot always control what’s going on outside but I have the power to control what’s going on inside me. But first, I must be content, happy and whole. And these are just some of the basic joys in life I felt, all the time I was in Aiyanar. Plus I was with my two good friends. Being with good company is already a pleasure in itself. 

One day, I should learn how to dive and discover more the bountiful gifts of the sea.

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
Sitio Looc, Brgy. Bagalangit
Mabini, Batangas
Tel. No.: 0917-5940056, 0999-9997452
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