February 4, 2013

Savoy Bistro

People say that you can’t live without love. But I’m certain water and oxygen are more important. At least that has been proven and tested by science.
Ah science… it reminds me of our investigatory project way back in high school – something about proving the effectiveness of golden kuhol as fertilizer in the yield of tomatoes. What’s interesting about the project during that time was golden kuhols were considered as farm pests and a threat to rice production.
Well isn’t it amusing that after all these years, I was able to meet again the little creatures, but this time on my plate, swimming in butter, garlic and olive oil. They look so adorable, smell so good and definitely not some kind of pest that I used to know.
Complimentary appetizer
Savoie salad
Baked escargot bourguignon
Pepper steak Madagascar
Walnut chocolate cluster cake
Experience continental classic cooking “Haute Cuisine”, now being served in the heart of Makati.
Savoy Bistro
East Asian Art Gallery, Kalayaan Ave.
Luzon St., Makati City
Tel. No.: 896-5667
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