February 6, 2013

Breakfast the Kanto Style

I’ve read somewhere that “hurting back the people who hurt you makes you just like them.”
I guess the message it wants to convey is clear and simple: “Don’t follow the steps of Emily Thorne.” It may be easy to say for those who have not been hurt, but to those who were victimized by love or unceremoniously left for dead, there might be a good er bad reason why oftentimes they seek retribution. It’s tempting, like the luscious, mouth-watering three-layer pancakes with maple syrup, topped with strawberries and blueberries I tasted one Sunday afternoon in a most unlikely place in the city – a street side carinderia.
Mixed berry pancakes
Kanto eggs Benedict
Tuyo and kesong puti
Crispy pork belly
Deep fried oreo

After I got a mouthful of this viand, I realized there is something more to that quote. That while anger and pain could sometimes cloud my own good judgment, I also found out that my reaction often mirrors the way how people treat me. Unknowingly. And of course I don’t want that. I never want that.
So from now on, I would eat more kanto boy breakfast. Just imagine all the gourmet food costing not more than P90.00 my palate could taste, the garnishing my eyes would feast, and the beautiful things my arms might embrace if they weren’t wrapped so tightly in my battles.
Happy hearts day!
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
#549 San Joquin St., Brgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.: 400-2268
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