January 20, 2013

Aquino Museum, Tarlac

“I kissed Ninoy for the last time on August 24, 1983 as he lay in his coffin. It was then that I promised Ninoy that I would continue his work in the non-violent struggle to restore our rights and freedoms.”
- President Corazon Aquino

Replica of Ninoy's prison cell at Fort Bonifacio

Ninoy's vintage car

Relive the life, love and sacrifice of the two pillars of Philippine democracy whose story continue to inspire and haunt the Filipino people. Until now, the grotesque photos of Ninoy after he was shot at the Manila International Airport tarmac, and the sea of people on the streets of EDSA in 1986, empowered after his death, ready to topple the 20-year rule and authoritarian regime of Marcos, give me chills.

The museum, which houses the remnants of Aquino legacy, is a must-see for all Filipinos, whom according to Ninoy, are worth dying for.

Aquino Museum
The Aquino Center, Luisita Industrial Park
San Miguel, Tarlac
Tel. No.: (045) 985-0968
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