January 8, 2013

Sitio de Amor: Oasis of Love

The best relationship is one in which love always far exceed the need for each other. Because when you love what you have, you have everything that you need. It is like watching two happy people sitting side by side, hands intertwined, reliving their yesteryears and still looking forward to the remaining days of their lives.

Well, I’m happy to meet such wonderful couple - Jorge and Amor, whose love for one another and mutual passion in building a sanctuary tucked away in a lush surrounding minus the city and karaoke noise, is simply amazing.

Named after Jorge’s wife, Sitio de Amor is a 4.5-hectare farm in San Pablo City between the mountains of Banahaw and Cristobal, where guests can simply relax in the company of birds and horses, take a refreshing dip in the pool with salt water or man-made lagoon with fresh mountain water, marvel at the heirloom pieces and antiquities all over the place, and enjoy fresh and delectable Filipino food and hospitality (especially of the couple and Ate Magda, the all-around amiable lady of the Sitio).

With the help of Igorots, the entire hacienda was beautifully landscaped, with solid rocks almost everywhere, also functioning as chairs. Villas and rooms are named after fruits and trees, which are abundant inside the hacienda. During the Rambutan Festival season, guests can pick and eat the fruits straight from the trees.

With the latest acquisition of the couple – the vacation house of Thomas Morato, Sr. from Calauag, Quezon – restored ancestral houses are soon on the rise. When I told Jorge that his hobby of collecting old houses is quite expensive he said that it doesn’t matter. He said that what matters is the self-fulfillment and happiness you get in achieving whatever you desire and want in life. Boy the man is admirable. I want to be like him when I get old. But I need to get rich first!

A place of love and wonder, Sitio is truly beyond the usual experience. 

Sitio de Amor Farm Resort
Km. 88.8 Maharlika Highway, Purok Paraiso
San Antonio I, San Pablo City, Laguna
Tel. No.: 401-7344, 0908-8842730
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