October 30, 2012

Gabay: Dibuhong Umaakay

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
- Scott Hamilton

We are all somewhat damaged. But I guess we really need to be broken for us to realize that we are only human, that at times we need to re-examine our life, pick up our shattered pieces and make them whole again.

This year, the Batch 2012 of Philippine School of Interior Design takes the challenge of designing beautiful spaces for a specific sector in our society who experienced being broken - the physically disabled, particularly the deaf, blind, paraplegic, and the elderly.

I was totally impressed with the aesthetically unique and socially-relevant designs as they come to life in an ambiance of healing. They give one a sense of wholeness. And they sort of live my dreams of having a space of my own someday. If someday will come hehe.

If Walls Could Speak
Made especially for the hearing-impaired, 
this bed vibrates in sync with the alarm clock.

Memoirs of Audrey
A dainty Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired dining area.

Abot Kamay
This bedroom was originally designed for former PBB housemate 
Naprey Almario who had polio. I love spaces surrounded with photos 
that remind of happy memories.

The flowing water gives this lanai equipped with a doorbell system 
that sends vibrations through the floor, a relaxing feel.

Beyond Sight
A living room designed for a blind child, it has an apt and lovely quote 
on the wall lifted from The Little Prince and written in Braille - 
"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

An industrial Maranao-inspired bathroom with beautiful, sharp edges.

Midnight Rhapsody
Designed for couples, specifically for a husband with low vision. 
Makes me wanna sleep on that comfy midnight blue bed.

A state of the art Tron-inspired kitchen.

Diamond in the Rough
With the eye-catching gramophone, this looks like a shining period-bedroom, 
but actually this is originally designed for grannies and widows.

Sweet Escape
In this sunny, pocket garden dining room, one will enjoy to eat, pray, love.

Disability is just all in the mind. You will never be a handicap as long as you are loved and needed by someone.
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