July 16, 2012

The Mind Museum, Taguig

Sometimes, I wish I could read everybody’s mind so I can find out how people feel about me. But unfortunately, only Professor X has such power. And he’s just some by-product of someone else’s wild imagination.

Maybe being powerless was the reason why you are one of the very few people I granted passage into my life. You’ve seen every atom of my dreams catching up with my reality. You’ve walked upon my grayest alley until my very last shabby corner. But there among the rubbish, you stayed, and cultivated a life. You told me things won’t always be beautiful, and I should find comfort in it. I wish I could just believe that.

One day I will stop asking questions. But maybe not now. In this vast universe, enigmas are scattered everywhere like they belong nowhere. But you…  you are always somewhere in my mind.
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