July 30, 2011

If Café Mesa were a flicker of light, it still shines the most in Stotsenberg darkness

Hazelnut coffee

Dory fish with tomato and olives

Heart brownie

While having soda and coffee, Carla tells me that every time she passes by the café at dawn or at night, she feels drawn to its quaintness and exquisite light. Who wouldn’t? Just the sight of a charming wooden house surrounded by verdant trees and grasses somehow tells a phase in life when romance was only make-believe and magic was real.

But I told her “Maybe you just associate this place with your longing for something or someone.” She just laughed it off.

Even if change is necessary, there are times that I still want constancy. If you look at the café’s glass window, you don’t just see your reflection, you see the most constant thing in your life - home.

Cafe Mesa
Building 2078, Cardinal Santos Ave.
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
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