November 6, 2007

Bewitching Siquijor: Isla del Fuego

No wild parties. No disco lights. No rowdy people.
No fancy cars. No traffic. No pollution. No noise.
A little paradise. My little paradise.

Lazi church

San Isidro Labrador convent

Coral Cay Resort

Cantabon Cave

Salagdoong Beach

Black Magic Mary

Coco Grove Beach Resort

Siquijor has magic. Lots of it!

Many years ago, Spanish colonizers called the island “Isla de Fuego” (Island of Fire) due to the glow of the multitude of fireflies that would gather nightly, making the whole place appear like it was on fire.

Siquijor's allure and mystery is not shrouded by black magic. But in every sense, it is truly a naturally-enchanted tropical paradise.
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