October 25, 2007

The ABC of Life as I Silently Sing It

The following is not a children’s song but simple lessons I learned from life since kindergarten:

a.) You can’t force others to like you even if you were a bitter melon.
b.) Promises are made either to keep or… shut you up.
c.) Mother knows best… so you better listen. You don’t need though to follow all what she has to say.
d.) We don’t have to always agree. We may be looking at the same sky yet see different stars.
e.) Learn from the mistakes of others because you won’t be given the chance to commit all crimes. Otherwise, lucky you. And luckier you if you got away with all of your sins.
f.) There is nothing certain in life, except death and taxes.
g.) You don’t need earbuds to clean your ears, because your ear needs the wax. Did you hear me!?
h.) Don’t assume. It’s not your lucky day today.
i.) You have a purpose in life. Even if life is a wheel, never forget you are one of the cogs of that wheel!
j.) Not all that tastes sour is rich in Vitamin C. Take armpit for example.
k.) Love conquers all except toothache.
l.) Laugh often because it lowers levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. In addition, surround yourself with good people. Your body easily makes its own vitamin D once it is exposed to sunshine.
m.) Always take a book with you, especially when you’re going in a grocery store or LTO. Doing nothing while waiting, will drive you out of your mind.
n.) When making choices, weigh the consequences. My happiness or the world’s?
o.) Sometimes you need to lose everything for you to find out what matters most.
p.) Cream Brulee could never be Jell-O. And vice-versa.
q.) You can actually be in two places at one time. Sometimes.
r.) You can never revive the past because just like the words you uttered, it’s already dead. That’s why give importance to Now and Tomorrow before they become the Past.
s.) Once you love expect to experience joy and pain. They are a package - you don’t get the one without getting the other. As they say, love, like life, is a box of chocolates. You might get Cadbury or Tsoke-Tsoke.
t.) Stop bitching about your problems! Nobody really wants to listen.
u.) Take care of you family and friends for they last longer than lovers. Isn’t it there are moments when you miss them so much that you just want to pick them like flowers and hug them for real. But take note, no matter how close they had been there for us, the furthest they can go with us is up to our grave. Only.
v.) Let go of all your greed, anger, and hate. They are not compatible with your heart.
w.) Be honest. But you don’t need to tell them all.
x.) Learn how to swim. You’ll never know when the next Great Flood will be.
y.) Love like you’ve never loved before, even though someone you love already loves someone else. But if you can’t beat them… arrange to have them beaten. Figuratively, I mean.
z.) Don’t live as if you’ll never die, and die as though you had never lived.

Okay now… let’s sing the real ABC…
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