February 20, 2017

The Food Hive, Visayas Ave.

The most eye catching among the stalls at Food Hive is Blaze Flaming Sizzlers. It appears to be blazing especially at night.  It was designed by my friend Nes, who was actually one of the brains behind the newest food park along Visayas Ave. in QC.

What makes this food park a little out of the ordinary is the amazing line-up of celebrity chefs who carefully crafted their food creations especially for the Food Hive followers. Nope Chef Boy Logro isn’t part of the roster; but those included are Chefs Rosebud Benitez, Ed Bugia, Niño Laus, Wado Siman, Jonah Trinidad, Gem Tee, Plamen Yordanov, and Luigi Muhlach.

Following its successful launch last month (where I was invited by Nes together with some of our close high school friends), I returned to savor the good food I tasted that night.

Strawberry and cucumber basil tea of Juicifi

Meatball pasta in a cone of Pappare

Po Bo of Potato Bomb

Vreteno of Yordanovi

Dessert Bubble Wraps

Char-cool and On Mayon ice cream of Cool Juans

Other food stalls at Food Hive are La Carnita, Bab and Boy’s Smokeshack, Goatcha, Wingfather and the Fry Mafia, Pixelstop, and Mozafrio. It also has a stand alone Japanese restaurant – Hamaru.

I over-ordered, and finished the rest at the nearby movie house when I watched “I’m Drunk I Love You”. The film is good, funny and heartbreaking. When Dio was telling his bestfriend Carson “Mahirap lang talagang hindian ang taong minahal mo nang sobra”, I know for certain that this isn’t going to be a happy romantic ending.

Anyway, ang Po Bo, Bubble Wraps at On Mayon ice cream ay mahirap din hindian.

The Food Hive
#80 Visayas Ave., Tandang Sora
Quezon City
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