July 11, 2016

Tsukiji, Makati

Even though I still need to master the basics of chopstick etiquette (been trying for years), I will never deprive myself with one of my favorite cuisine.

Dining out with my close high school friends has become a rare occurrence nowadays. So when Kuri recently had a Manila flight and suggested that we dine in this Japanese restaurant in Makati that she saw from Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram feed, Nes and I went along.

A mural of Tsukiji Market right on the entrance

Named after Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo (the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world), Tsukiji Restaurant serves premium Japanese cuisine in the Metro since 1989. One of their chefs was actually from the renowned fish market. Also, most of their seafood is flown in from Tsukiji, ensuring diners of the freshest possible sushi and sashimi.

Our patroness 

The restaurant is homey and expansive with minimalist design. There are regular tables, a sushi bar, and a lovely tatami room, where we settled.

Ever-smiling chefs 

We ordered just enough.

Miso soup

California maki (gone in 60 seconds)

Shake shioyaki



Calamansi juice and watermelon shake

As expected, food tastes good (just as our catching up chismisan). Syempre recommended ni Gretchen.

Ahhh too many sake, so little time. But we didn’t order any.

Maybe next time. When we could find another Japanese restaurant named Tsugi or Jukil.

Tsukiji Restaurant
3/F Milkyway Bldg., #900 A. Arnaiz Ave.
cor. Paseo De Roxas St.
San Lorenzo Village, Makati
Tel. No.: 812-2913
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