March 29, 2016

Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos, Pangasinan

"Show me all the parts of you that you 
do not love, so I know where to begin."
- Anonymous

Cabongaoan in the Western coastal side of Pangasinan isn’t a secret-waiting-to-be-discovered anymore. But it still has some hidden, less explored parts with amazing rock formations, crevices, and natural Jacuzzi caves - worth searching, worth loving, worth the nine-hour trip from Manila (after all the crazy Holy Week traffic and after Waze got us all lost in Dasol).

How to get to Cabongaon and tips:
1. From Cubao, take Alaminos/Bolinao-bound bus and get off in Alaminos.
2. From Alaminos, take Sta. Cruz-bound bus and get off in Burgos town proper.
3. Rent a tricyle (good for 3 pax) going to Cabongaon. Fare is P300 one way. Some parts of the road are still unpaved.
4. If on a budget, stay at Roven’s Place (0927-9957606 or 0906-1078860). Entrance fee is P100. They have native cottages and open nipa huts for rent. They also allow pitching of tents. For overlooking beach view, stay at Viva La Vida Cabo Resort (0927-2019907).
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