January 14, 2016

When to drop the “What are we?” bomb?

But just another beautiful quote from Kim Quindlen:

All I am saying is that when you really, really like someone, when you feel like they’re the only person you want to see at the end of a long day, when you’ve really gotten to know them and you feel like they’ve gotten to know you, ask them. When you’re no longer interested in pursuing other relationships and other people, or when you’re ready to focus your attention on one person, or when you feel like you can’t stop smiling because this person sparked something within you, ask.

Be the bold one. Tell them what you want. When you’ve picked up enough pieces of them – enough to know that they might be the right person for you – then ask. And don’t apologize. Because it’s not a bomb. It’s just a question, and you have the right to know the answer.
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