January 25, 2016

Majayjay Bed and Breakfast

“She was an oasis for my parched and lonely soul.”
- Minyong Ordoñez

It is a short but expressive quote by an advertising icon perfectly apt for Majayjay Bed and Breakfast (MBB), a charming and homey place in the old and quaint town of Majayjay in Laguna. But it was actually meant for his beautiful wife, the former TV star Encar Benedicto.  Together, they built the bed and breakfast place (originally meant to be their retirement home) with an inspiration they got from staying in a Victorian bed-and-breakfast wooden house in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts during one of their holiday vacations. 

I was actually hoping to meet the amiable couple who owns the MBB but I was surprised and a little saddened to find out that Minyong already passed away. A year ago to be exact. He might have penned Jollibee’s “Langhap-Sarap” slogan but I think his greatest legacy would always be this bed and breakfast place.

Located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, beside a babbling brook, MBB is a five-hectare sanctuary for those who want to recharge and simply get away from the city stress and traffic. It has a rustic charm with bountiful views of the lush greenery and mountains, and expanse of clear blue sky.

The three-bedroom main house is decorated with traditionally designed Filipino furniture, made with native materials such as bamboo and rattan. In the living room, family mementos and memorabilia are proudly displayed.

Contrary to its name, the bahay na bato-inspired Lumang Bahay looks sparkling new and has a  Baguio-feel to it. Small wooden horses are prominently displayed in the silong and the living room. They must have been the favorite of Minyong.  

The Bahay Kubo, overlooking a ravine, is the coolest among the accommodations. The modern bamboo cottage has a pabitin, which reminds me of my childhood whenever I visited my grandparents in the barrio especially during fiesta.

The garden and backyard of MBB is gifted with an extraordinary view of nature surrounded by countless trees, bamboo groves, terraced rice fields and some tamed animals. It also has a rattan hammock under the shade and a bamboo-roofed Indonesian papag, making it a perfect place to snooze or cry over All the Bright Places.

MBB serves buffet breakfast with pandesal and white cheese, fried garlic rice, egg omelet, longanisa, daing na bangus, fresh fruits and juice. But of all the delectable dishes, I must say that there’s nothing compared to their pork adobo atsuete na sobrang sarap.

After having a good night rest and a sumptuous meal, the next best thing to do is explore the other natural and cultural jewels of Majayjay from its century-old church to rainforest, rivers and waterfalls.

Time flies way too fast. How I wish it knows how to slow down. I want to enjoy more the provincial hospitality of the people behind MBB, the cool mountain breeze, the soothing sound of chirping birds, the yummy adobo, the moments I had in this place that maybe I could never experience again. But somehow, it gives me comfort that in the end, it’s not really what people take that matters, but it’s what they leave.

Majayjay Bed and Breakfast
Brgy. San Miguel, 18-B Gozo Subd.
Majayjay, Laguna
Tel. No.: 0918-9181416
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