June 6, 2015

Sheridan Boutique Resort

Any day could be the beginning of anything you want.

Today, I just want some solitude at the Balinese-inspired Sheridan Boutique Resort, a haven for relaxation, not too far away from the busy city of Iloilo.

Sleep my troubles away in one of their lovely casitas. It’s okay that my old dreams are no longer coming true. Maybe I’ll just dream new ones.

Sit back, enjoy life, and accept that just because I like certain people doesn’t mean I should always be with them.

Dance in the spacious ballroom of Wilfredo’s Event Place if I hear them play “Nothing Really Matters”.

Stop eating my heart out and simply enjoy good food and good life at Ayanna Garden Restaurant.

Drown my insecurities at the alluring Azure Infinity or the man-made lagoon. Somehow, home is also where the pool is.

At some point we must accept the inevitable: that love eventually catches up with us. The only question left is whether to deny it or just let it in.   

Sheridan Boutique Resort
Brgy. Buran, Oton, Iloilo
Tel. No.: (033) 396-0033, 0917-3077643
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