October 19, 2014

ManilART 2014 - Crossing Borders

I don’t just see art.

“Caramel Series” by Jaspher Penuliar

“The Kiss of Kitty” by Onard Bancaya

“Pieta” by Emmanuel Nim

“Show Me (Obsession of Narcissus)” by Alab Pagarigan

“On Earth” by Orley Ypon

“Summa Orlina” by Ramon Orlina

“No. 24 – Inflicting Decadence of Narcissism” by Maria Delfino

“Markmanship” by Kenichi Wani

“The Flower” by Wyndelle Remonde

“Black Beauty” by Aner Sebastian

“The Bird of Venus” by Christian Tamondong

“Trusting Too Much Kills You” by Bryan Teves

“Over the Rainbow” by Ferdinand Cacnio

Sometimes I sense the longing, grasp the unfathomable, and much too often feel the pain so searing it seems so real.
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