May 11, 2014

Daraitan: River Trekking and Spelunking in Tinipak

There is no such thing as love triangle. There is only someone in the middle who likes attention.

Tinipak is such a tease. Two municipalities (Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon Province) are fighting over land ownership of this long stretch of beautiful river that runs through them. Can’t blame them, even I fell in love the moment I saw those emerald-green waters, refreshing cave pools, giant white marbles, boulders and rock formations - some are shaped like natural Jacuzzi. Even the DILG was also smitten by its exotic charm, that it was awarded the “cleanest inland body of water” in the whole Southern Tagalog Region.  

How to get to Daraitan:
1. Ride Tanay-bound bus/van/jeepney at Shaw Blvd. terminal station.
2. From Tanay market, hire a tricycle P300 (good for 3 pax-one way) to Daraitan. Better hire a tricycle than wait for the Daraitan-bound jeepney (with only two trips per day). Travel time is about an hour. Expect very rough road going to Daraitan.
3. Register at Daraitan Barangay Hall and get a tour guide (P600). It usually takes an hour of trekking to get to Tinipak. Overnight camping is allowed.
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