July 28, 2013

Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House

“A leader should set an example of a big heart, an honest mind, sound instincts, the virtue of healthy impatience and an abiding love for the common man.”
- Pres. Ramon Magsaysay

Every time I pass by the main road of Castillejos in Zambales, there’s only one house that catches my attention – the pastel candy-colored ancestral house of the 7th President of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay. The President had always been close to the people’s hearts, that’s why Filipinos have dubbed him “Champion of the Masses”.

The imposing historical structure, which is under the guardianship of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, houses some of the personal belongings and memorabilia of the late president, from his furniture, old radios, clothing, paintings, canes, busts, medallions, books, to his sleek 1945 Cadillac limousine and Willy’s Jeep.

Someone I know once said that the President died of a heart attack. Hay naku di nagbabasa ng Philippine history, ang sarap sagasaan ng Cadillac.
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