August 21, 2012

Gulugod Baboy

“Siya naman ang unang nakapag-move on. Sa aming dalawa, siya ang unang naging masaya. Ako ngayon pa lang.”
- Julie

The break of dawn offers fleeting moments of happiness – a beautiful sunrise, the smell of the morning dew and the solitary silence so peaceful you wish the world is just made of it. It was 5:39 am. I was the first to get up, hoping the sun is also about to get up. I haven’t slept the whole night because of the crazy, intense rain and wind which soaked my tent and clothes. My body was longing of sleep after three hours of climb but the weather just won’t permit. 

During those hours being awake, I kept on thinking about the victims of the recent typhoon victims. Now I know how it feels being wet and shivering in the middle of the night wishing you are somewhere safe and dry. I also remember my friend telling me I should get a tadpole tent because it could weather a storm. Instead I got a spacious beach tent. Now I know its hooks could be easily blown away by gusty wind. Ah I should have listened to him!  I remember praying the rain hopefully stops and just go somewhere in a dessert where it is much needed. When I got tired of thinking, I amused myself listening to music. I love the upbeat feel of Big Deal drowning the snore of my fellow campers who enjoyed drinking tequila until the rain forced them to call it a night. Eventually the rain stopped. I peeked outside and the camp site is enveloped in fog. No sunrise for today.

It was such a daunting task being on a pig’s spine (gulugod ng baboy).  But it was a welcome challenge. After all, challenges if endured, have their own rewards.

Thanks to Malou and the Lufthansa Technik Philippines Malaya Mountaineering Club, sumabit kami ni Nes sa kanilang fun climb.
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