December 26, 2011

Tourne by Chef Sandralyn Hataway

TournĂ©e (pronounced tour-nay) is French for the word "turned." The term refers to a method of cutting and peeling root vegetables into oblong, seven-sided football-like shapes. Aside from its aesthetic element, the classic French technique helps vegetables to cook evenly.

Soyami chips with salsa

Tourne house salad

Ostrich pesto pasta

Red velvet cake

Dear Chef Sandra,

Most of the time, I use carrots and potatoes as main ingredients whenever I cook, but I never tournee-d them.

I love the whimsical feel of your place, the eye-candy writings on the wall, and the clean open kitchen. I love how you and your team painstakingly prepare and arrange the food; they not only made my palate merry but my eyes, as well. But above all, I love how you unabashedly showed love to your staff. I was secretly watching when you gave them presents and I saw how such small gesture made them feel happy.  

I was there a day before Christmas. And I didn’t regret that a few hours before my flight for my holiday break, I chose to spend it at Tourne.

They say money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy your red velvet cake and that is like happiness.

Frenz Fries

Fort Strip, 7th Ave. cor. 26th St.
Bonifacio High, Taguig City
Tel. No.: 555-0267
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