March 29, 2011

Polillo: You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes

Far from civilization, Polillo has retained its natural charm and bio-diverse life.

Daluro Beach

Isla Polillo Resort

with Tita Pines

San Francisco Beach

Polillo can be reached via three-hour boat ride from Ungos Port, Real, Quezon.

Tita Pines of Isla Polillo Resort for being maalaga sobra. She’s Polillo’s Ms. Congeniality. With beautiful ocean view, the resort is so far the best in the island. Ate Lani of Casa Escarlata for treating us warmly as if we were her children. If you want to stay in the town proper, her place is definitely the most decent and highly recommended. Miss ko na tuloy ang kanyang home-cooked baconsilog. And Harley of Polillo Municipal Hall for organizing our official activities in the island.
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