September 27, 2016

Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine

“One day, I would be successful on my own...
 I can be legendary along the way.”
- Amdrei Coronel

Drei was only 20 when he passed away almost four years ago. He was a true-blue Atenista, a sweet-loving son, a brother and a friend to many. He had so much ahead of him but an unexpected ailment cut his life journey short, leaving behind his dream of becoming a computer engineer, an unfulfilled community service he was eagerly looking forward to, and grieving family and friends.

It must have been hard losing a family member but I can’t help but admire the way Ms. Amie fondly remembers his boy and reminisce how their family of five bonded together over food and through travel when Drei was still alive. It was as if her second child was still in the room with us. I was deeply touched.

Well actually, Drei lives in every crane, artwork and quotes, in the garden, in every corner of the eponymous restaurant. I almost didn’t believe it when Ms. Amie told me that the place used to be a garage. Their family did a fabulous job converting it into a homey, relaxing and quirky restaurant. The place feels like a celebration of life, a nostalgic testament of the family’s undying love for Drei. And thus, he is indeed slowly becoming legendary just like he predicted.  

A mural of an eye and cranes by the gate greets visitors and teases passerby that there’s more to discover inside.

The alfresco area consists of several dining tables (good hang-out place for lazy afternoons and chill nights) and a lovely pocket garden. A garden which requires constant care and attention is a great metaphor for life.

The glass door leading to the main restaurant is beautifully hand painted with eight food and love quotes.

The indoors look hip and vibrant with numerous hanging origami cranes (a symbol of healing), wooden tables and chairs with mismatched colors, and a bold signage that expresses everything about Drei’s – Eat+Art. Ms. Amie said that she was thankful for the help of the artist friends of Drei’s other two siblings Dar and Darmie, who helped gratis in decorating and sprucing up the whole place.

The food they serve is mainly Filipino with a modern twist. They are nicely plated and taste really good, especially the main dishes.

Kesong puti salad

Lumpiang sisig

Crispy kare-kare

Bagoong for the kare-kare

Seafood marinara

Saba at sorbetes

Many shared my sentiments of how delicious the food and how charming the place is.

I almost didn’t see more work of art had I not used the bathroom. Even on the ceiling, there’s a heartwarming quote.

There are more hugot lines about love, letting go and moving on.  

And a gentle reminder that not everyone we love is meant to stay in our life forever.

Better show or say how much we love them while we still have time… while we still can.

Drei’s Modern Day Cuisine
#51 Katipunan St., Concepcion Uno
Marikina City
Tel. No.: 899-6653
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