September 11, 2013

Malacañang Museum

“I hate ugliness. I’m allergic to ugliness.”
- Imelda Marcos
Located within the heart of the Malacañang Complex, the Presidential Museum and Library is the repository of the memorabilia and heritage of the Presidency of the Philippines. Due to Palace security procedures, a visit inside the museum is strictly by reservation at least a week prior to the requested date.
The museum and library is housed in Kalayaan Hall built in 1920s
Presidential Gallery Exhibit with the statue of
President Benigno Aquino III as centerpiece
President Manuel Quezon
first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines
President Quezon Room
Bulb chandelier
President Elpidio Quirino Room
President Ferdinand Marcos and his family
The room where President Marcos proclaimed Martial Law
President Cory Aquino doll
Candelabra chandelier

President Fidel Ramos bust
Election memorabilia

Joaquin Sorolla's Las Nereidas

Sculpture of a naked lady in marble
 With Dr. Emily Abagat and our Korean OJTs who were fascinated
with the Pasig River facing Malacanang (kung alam lang nila hehe)
Perhaps this is the grandest museum of the Philippines; no objects on display are ugly.
Tours and Visitor Relations Unit
Kalayaan Hall, Jose P. Laurel St.
Malacañang, Manila
Tel. No.: 784 4286 loc. 4945/4649
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