November 15, 2012

Ponce Suites and Kublai Café: Art Beyond Normalcy

Kublai Millan’s art of nonconformity amazes me. He defies standards. He is a man courageous enough to pursue his own passion, take risks and accomplish something great that future generations could still marvel at. His beautiful creations are all over Mindanao and one of those is Ponce Suites. The unconventional hotel has always been my home whenever I’m in Davao.

Through his mind-stirring artworks which could be found all over the place - from the entrance, facade, stairs, walls, café to the rooftop, one will discover Kublai’s journey from darkness to enlightenment. Stay overnight or dine at Kublai Kafé and you will have the chance to enter his world of insanity and beauty, float with the buoyancy of his soul, and play with his inner child.

with Kublai's mom

Durian ice cream

Vegie pasta

Meat lover pizza

Ponce Suites: The Unconvention Center
Roads 3 & 4, Dona Vicenta  Village
Bajada, Davao City
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