September 2, 2011

Tell you I set you apart

Give or take, we have the tendency to fall in love a hundred times in this lifetime.

The first person I ever loved was someone I met 14 years ago. I thought I would never love someone else. But I was proven wrong. The last person I might love, maybe I haven’t even met yet. But doesn’t everybody wish their first would be their last, or their present their tomorrow and the rest of their lives? I do. But no matter how many times you fall, they all matter like a dot that will eventually form a clearer and bigger picture.

But there are quite a few people you love who will change everything the way you look on how love should be. They are the people who gave you courage to give your heart away, hoping they would take care of it and praying they would never rip it apart. Probably you’ll meet two of them. Three perhaps or four at the most. I don’t know. But most likely, more often than not, among all of them, there will be that one person who becomes that definition.

A someone who will make you realize that all the songs no matter how terrible their lyrics, suddenly make sense. A someone who will set the standards of how you should love other people. A someone who defines your comprehension about love that it isn’t a bed of roses all the time… that at times, it could be irrational and self-destructive. A someone who gives you one of the many reasons to live. A someone maybe you’re not searching for but a someone who was there at the right place and the right time. A someone who came into your life the first time you are ready and really, really want to love someone.

And in this game, be prepared to accept defeat. Because that someone always win. And you lose. Big time. Because for the rest of your life, they hold the control buttons on how you will love everyone else.
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