July 21, 2015

The Pilgrim: Dine, Travel and Explore

Don’t be afraid to explore your fears for it’s the first step in setting yourself free.

An elephant enters the café and was both pleased and curious with what he saw. “Why are there so many paintings and objects about elephants? Does the owner adore Dumbo?” he asks the waiter excitedly.  “Maybe, but I think he loves the real elephants more, especially the ones from Cambodia.”  

“Why is this café named The Pilgrim? Are the people here pious? Do they regularly go to Baclaran Church every Wednesday? Or perhaps have been to Mecca?” The waiter replied seriously “Dear elephant, this area is like the Holy Land. You might have missed the street sign outside that reads Makadios. Anybody who sets foot in this part of town becomes a pilgrim.” The elephant feigned a laugh, “Kuya joke ba yan?

I’m sorry to break the flow of the story but often, fiction makes life a little lighter, more interesting, more colorful. Thru fantasy and vivid imagination, we get the chance to explore all the things we ever dreamed of, but sometimes too afraid to pursue in real life. 

Seafood pasta

Bacon-wrapped prawns

Baby back ribs by Mr. T


But who needs a fiction when the reality staring at you is as tempting as The Pilgrim’s baby-back ribs or as satisfying as its bacon-wrapped prawns?

I think I just saw an elephant flying out of pure joy after savoring them.

The Pilgrim
#189 Maginhawa St. cor. Makadios St.
Brgy. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Tel. No.:  0927-2771588
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