January 15, 2013

Le Bistro

Just by the harbor of Puerto Galera Bay, Le Bistro is a laidback and relaxing place to have some fish and fries, and simply watch the world go by.  It also has a prime collection of wines and sensual paintings rated SPG.

Shrimp tapas

Nicoise salad

Fish and fries

Regina pizza

Spaghetti carbonara

Chocolate rock

Oh, nakedness is an indication of many subtle things. It could be a manifestation of courage to do the crazy things conventional people would never do in any given lifetime. It could mean freedom for the less you possess, the less that possesses you. Or it could represent honesty since the truth can walk naked compared to a lie that should always be well-dressed.

But quite honestly, I like to believe that it could be a sign of true love. After all, you would most likely only bare your heart to that one person who has the capability to break it. That one person whom you believe would accept the true nature of your soul in its very state of undress.
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